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Job Description

Position Title: Operator

Last Revised: 4/22/2021

Department/FLSA Status: Operations/Non-Exempt

Supervisor’s Title: Production Supervisor



Operators perform manufacturing processes in the following areas: front & back-end display production, RFID inlay/tag production & testing, and camera assembly & testing. Initially operators are assigned to one area and after learning required specifications will be cross trained in as many areas as possible to meet production schedule demands.



• HS Diploma or equivalent.

• Ability to follow detailed instructions & adhere to ESD, cleanroom gowning, & safety protocols.



Duties for each area include and are not limited to: Micro-Display:


  • PI coating: Clean all products, coating, & align silicon wafers.

  • Assembly: Assemble glass wafers to silicon wafers.

  • Saw: Saw wafers into cell form.

  • Fill: Fill displays with liquid crystal.

  • Test: Testing all products through various methods.

  • Inspection: Inspect products to ensure customer specs are met.

  • Packaging: Cell attach & wire bond products to customer flex or board RFID.

  • RFID Inlay Assembly: Operation, set-up, & routine preventative maintenance of automated, roll-to-roll manufacturing line.

  • RFID Conversion Dry to Wet: Operation, set up & routine preventive maintenance of automated roll to roll manufacturing line.

  • RFID Testing: Variety of performance & characterization testing of RFID inlays & labels.

  • RFID 4.0 Tags: Operation, set-up, & routine preventive maintenance of equipment including spring assembly, measuring, auto-tester, & seed preparation.

  • RFID 3.5 Tags: Operation, set-up, & routine preventive maintenance of equipment including various manual equipment & testing equipment LCD assembly.

  • Camera Assembly: Operation & set-up of assembly equipment.

  • Camera Testing: Performance & characterization testing of cameras.

  • LCD Backlight Assembly: Assembly of parts manually & with use of fixtures.

  • Solder: Assembly of components onto PCBs, hand soldering, & inspection.

  • Surface Mount (SMT): Placement of components onto PCBs using solder printing & placement equipment, solder reflow in oven, & inspection All Areas: Other duties as assigned KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS/ABILITIES.

  • Prior cleanroom experience preferred.

  • Capable of frequent Microscope utilization.