Does HANA Technologies manufacture products in the US?

Yes. HANA provides a variety of contract manufacturing (CM) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) from their facility in Twinsburg, Ohio, USA. HANA Technologies is part of the HANA Group, which consists of 6 locations worldwide. If a project is better suited for assembly at another facility we have the option of doing so with customer consent.  


What are the advantages of Contract Manufacturing?

The resources, staff, and capital investment for product manufacturing is extensive and expensive. Contract manufacturing is a cost-effective way to bring products to market without the overhead and resources needed for internal production. The sole purpose of CMs is manufacturing, which frees up companies to focus on new innovations, product development, and R&D. Contract manufacturers often have quick turn multi-use capabilities, which allows them to adjust production volumes in accordance with demand. This is ideal for seasonal products and preventing low or excess inventory. 

What other services do contract manufacturers provide?

In addition to product assembly, full-service contract manufacturers often provide services for sourcing the components used to make a finished product. This could be done in the products design stage or a customer may provide their CM with their bill of materials (BOM). CMs often have an extensive list of part suppliers and vendors that they have relationships with, and can order a products BOM to allow clients to concentrate on other things.


Many CMs also provide product design and engineering assistance, particularly with electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers. Since EMS companies know the manufacturing process, they can provide design help for parts, components and subassemblies. 

Depending on the product being manufactured, CMs may assist with product distribution, sending finished product direct from the assembly line to distributors or inventory stockpiles.

What types of industries use contract manufacturing?

It depends on the CM. HANA serves a wide range of industries covering about any product imaginable. We have divided our industries into eight main categories - Automotive/EV, medical devices, consumer products, military/defense, optics, industrial, aviation/aerospace, and power electronics. Call HANA to find out how we support manufacturing projects no matter the industry. 

What types of manufacturing services does HANA offer?

HANA Technologies Ohio's core EMS competencies are RFID, Wafer Processing, IC Packaging, LCDs, camera module assemblies, and PCBAs. We also deliver turnkey box builds and provide engineering and design support. Each member of the HANA group specializes in different areas of manufacturing which gives us a complete range of manufacturing capabilities. 

How much does contract manufacturing cost?

Each product is different and pricing is customized to each project. Pricing factors include materials (BOM), complexity, volume, and lead time. To submit your project and get a cost estimate, CMs need a project description and the following information - bill of materials, estimated volume, desired lead time. This information can be provided by completing our project description form and attaching the necessary documentation. Or feel free to call or email us to discuss your project in more detail.