HANA Technologies' specializes in low to medium pin count integrated circuit packaging. We offer a variety of IC packaging types including open cavity, surface-mount, through-hole, chip on flex circuit, stacked die, BGA, inline, WLCSP, and others. We use sophisticated manufacturing technologies for wire bonding, dicing, die bonding, gold ball bumping, and glop top coating of IC assemblies.

HANA's experienced staff offer assistance with custom layouts for prototyping and full-turnkey IC packages. Our assemblies are rigorously tested to ensure reliability and maximum performance in the field.  

IC packaging and wire bonding

Package Types

  • Open Cavity

  • Glop Top

  • Gel Fill

  • Chip on Glass

  • Chip on Flex

  • Chip on Board

  • Flip Chip


IC packaging company
IC wire bonding

IC Manufacturing

  • Dicing

  • Die Attach

  • Wirebond

    • Aluminum

    • Gold Wedge

  • Gold Ball

  • Glop Top

  • IC Testing

  • SEM